The long list of International Awareness Days made me realized that irrelevant days do not actually exist. Every day is important to someone, if not to us selves, so condemning some days of being ordinary, boring and irrelevant, are caused only by personal perception and expectations. International Awareness Days are recording days of firefighters, nurses, turtles, poetry, people who feel happy or sick of tuberculosis… I took this list as a starting point for creating a collection of over 400 paintings, under the common name “AWARENESS DAYS“, because every day carries a little story, which deserves to be noticed.

Since 2006, from time to time, I make collage on paper or on canvas same dimension of 24 x 30 cm, and use material that I find at the end of each day in my pockets, in a purse, on a table (newspaper articles, paid invoices, flyers), and then I add a story to it, slowly making pages of one big visual diary, a personal calendar in the glory of ordinary days.

Information about each World Awareness Day, written above information about each of my personal Awareness Day, I found at these links: Days of the Year and  List of awareness days.




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