Work in progress

So many information. Less and less space for storage. Looking back at days and years that passed, I can’t remember any of them. Like nothing much has happened. But something happens every moment, even when it doesn’t, and I want to be aware of it. I see some interesting exhibition, have dinner with people I never knew before and will never see again, I travel, buy groceries, spend time with my dog, make cakes, give and get presents, cook, love, paint, read books, write some, have new insights, make exhibitions of my own, make exhibitions for other artists, correct my spine, pay bills, drink tea, learn German, go to concerts or theater plays… Mostly, AWARENESS DAYS are just about the days that have nothing special at all, nothing to remember them by. No politics, no revolutionary changing ideas or directions in life, just the idea of being aware of every moment of my life.

Like lots of other people, I keep in pockets, drawers or boxes something to remind me of the days that went by, tickets, flyers, bills, and instead of throwing it into a garbage, I decided to tell a story about it.

AWARENESS DAYS are not just a visual diary, list of the moments I want to remember. It is an intersect of my life and art in last two decades.





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